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Bitro the Bard

July 19, 2018
By LordKael BRONZE, Olympia, Washington
LordKael BRONZE, Olympia, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
And out of the darkness, there came many cries,
And each was the same, filled with death and demise.
The cause of such pain was the sword of doom,
The obsidian blade, Ada'rn Vokum.

There once was a mortal named Bitro the Bard,

And in many taverns and inns he had starred.

Never once was there a ticket that had not been sold,

And this made him wealthy with plenty of gold.

Along with his musical talent he was very wise,

Never once had he been heard to tell any lies.

Should however the occasion arise,

He could twist his words to others’ demise.

But Bitro the Bard was a kind man,

And he hailed from a virtuous far-off land.

Bitro always kept his vow to do no harm,

His enemies he could always outwit or charm.

Bitro the Bard had traveled far and wide,

And always made sure to pick the right side.

Let me tell you his true stories of trails,

Unless these are just made-up tales?

Bitro the Bard was once walking along,

When all of a sudden, he heard a strange song.

Bitro knew instantly this was not by chance,

He felt drawn to it, like he was entranced.

Bitro the Bard soon came upon a wide clearing,

From which stemmed the strange music he was hearing.

Therein was a beautiful woman, chained to the ground,

And an army of goblins their captive did surround.

One goblin marked as a leader by his dress,

Came forward so he could the bard better assess.

“Tell us now traveler, what is your worth,

Or we shall kill and return you to earth.”

Bitro the Bard had begun to think fast,

He did not want this day to be his last.

Bitro the Bard respectfully bowed down,

And said that he was a bard of renown.

The goblin commander considered this,

And eventually did curiously hiss:

“Our great goblin king has been feeling rather down,

And we would reward you if you could remove his frown.”

Bitro considered his possibilities,

Then offered the goblins his abilities.

They then brought him to the king,

For whom the bard soon would sing.

Indeed the goblin king was a sad sight,

Everything about him did not seem right.

Bitro pitied the nobleman,

And therefore he would play again.

He took out his Lyre and began to play,

And beautiful music filled the air all day.

When the bard’s strings finally stilled,

The objective of the song had been fulfilled.

The goblin king smiled broadly,

“How can music be so godly?”

The bard simply smiled mysteriously,

The question had not been asked seriously.

Bitro stepped forward and asked for a small boon,

The king agreed to anything under the moon.

“I want the siren in the clearing unchained.”

The king did not even look slightly pained.

The siren then gave Bitro a wondrous reward,

A secret siren enchanting chord.

Bitro the Bard then bade farewell,

For in no place forever would he dwell.

The author's comments:

Made for Father's day

I make many fantasy/epic poems.  Check our some of my other works!

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