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Oh America

May 6, 2021
By lailasayegh2005 BRONZE, Congers, New York
lailasayegh2005 BRONZE, Congers, New York
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Oh America, your promising words 

And your most celebrated “dream,” 

In reality, falls short

For it is not what it seems 

Life and liberty

And the pursuit of happiness 

Granted solely to fortunate men,

Whom society elects to bless 

Oh America, I shall ask you this,

Should I accept less pay?

Do you neglect my vigorous grind, 

Undying commitment each day? 

We populate half of your country, 

Yet we’re returned just half as much

Dwelling in a jarring repression, 

We have grappled to stand up 

Oh America, do you not see? 

Not much more could we have done… 

We’ve blessed you with our innovations, 

Labored ‘til the risen sun

At home we raise your future men

and cook for their now fathers

We promise our girls equality looms

Tough to lie to our pure daughters

Oh America, is it not enough? 

Will there be a longer wait? 

Did our toil in that Great War

Not conclude this poor debate?

We harvested in your fields

And sewed up your men’s garments

In the red, white, and blue

That taunts us, yet so charmant 

Oh America, The Land of the Free? 

And the home of those who crave 

To be equal to their counterparts,

But are considered so deranged 

Apologetically, we cannot wait much longer

For this wage gap to be healed 

Suffocating beneath your masked misogyny,

Is our ultimate fate truly sealed?  

Oh America, our voices will echo,

Climb your mountains and break your dams, 

Flow through your rivers, roll down your valleys, 

Until we attain our promised land.

The author's comments:

This piece is meant to be from the perspective of women after World War I, sharing their grievences and portraying their determination. This is important to me because after studying United States History this year, I got true insight to the suppression of women and wanted to share my thoughts regarding the harsh reality they had to face and that we still continue to face in society. 

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