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September 2, 2022
By Luthi3n GOLD, Doriath, Minnesota
Luthi3n GOLD, Doriath, Minnesota
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The pegasus stood on the grass
His body poised for flight
His wings shone golden in the sun
His neck as dark as night

Under the shadow of the trees
A boy stood quietly
He watched the pegasus in awe
Barely daring to breathe

The winged horse heard some tiny noise
And spun with fearful eyes
He noticed the boy standing there
And leaped into the sky

The boy stepped forward with a cry
As the winged horse took flight
But already the low, dark clouds
Had hidden him from sight

The boy looked for a moment more
Then turned to head for home
He glanced back one more time but still
The pegasus was gone

The next day the boy came again
And watched from 'neath the trees
The hill and wood were beautiful
But no horse could be seen

Then diving from the sky, there came
A blur of black and gold
It swiftly lighted on the hill
A wonder to behold

The pegasus turned to the woods
His keen eyes searching them
He soon spotted the boy and flinched
And raised up his strong wings

But then he stopped and turned his gaze
Back downward to the ground
Where apples, carrots, sugar, oats
Laid easily to be found

The pegasus looked back and saw
The boy still standing there
And looked back at the boy with eyes
That now had no more fear

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