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Look Harder

October 14, 2010
By Lucy4himnotu ELITE, Richardson, Texas
Lucy4himnotu ELITE, Richardson, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"I am Happy to The Point of Fear" -Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Did you know that when I go home...
I go home to an empty room?
A room of pink and purple,
but the colors dim at the sight of my gloom?

Did you know that my days exhaust me,
because I have to smile,
Pretending to be happy,
Can only be mantained for a little while...

Did you know that when Im all alone,
I stare up at the sky,
I fall down to my knees,
And I cannot help but cry...?

Did you know that my heart is breaking,
With every breath I take?
Did you know that every laugh I laugh,
very smile i smile, is fake?

Did you know that i am hurting,
And my world is tumbling down?
Did you know that I am falling?
I am about to hit the ground...

You did not know these little things,
that change everything of who I am...
So my smile fades, I get in my car,
And I start to cry again.

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