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Till Death Do Us Part

October 31, 2010
By Alexia_Leigh SILVER, Erie, Pennsylvania
Alexia_Leigh SILVER, Erie, Pennsylvania
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Till Death Do Us Part

The sweet summer air like honey on our tongues,
As we lay on our backs and breathe it into our lungs
The grass shivers gently in the warm breeze
And noises come from the forest, animals and shaking leaves
The warmth of your body lying next to mine
As I wonder how I had found someone so truly divine
I watch as your blue eyes study the beautiful scene
And in that simple moment, my life felt so complete
The sun was just setting as ghostly shadows dance
Our eyes watched the perfect view and we froze, in a trance
Although I can’t put words to the emotions I feel
I lean close and whisper “I’ve fallen in love, head over heels.”
You smile that loveable, gorgeous, wide grin
Then you wrap your arms around me and pull me in
I lay my head on your chest and listen to your heart beat
And again, all I can say is that I felt perfectly complete
Your breath then mine, it was as if we were one
As we watch the colors in the sky casted by the sun
You held onto my hand and I held onto to yours
And together, we glanced into the future, all the open doors
The memory of that sunset; purple, orange, and red
I will forever keep locked inside of my head
Just one more to add to the collection of days I spent with you
Just one more reason I knew our love was really, fully true
On that day, that dreadful day, that you were stolen away from me
I was left alone with no one to hear my pleas.
When you had gone, a large piece of me died
Leaving a searing whole that is now aching inside
You occupied my other half I found,
And then it was again taken from me as they lowered you into the ground
No amount of tears could ever add up to
The pain it causes to live without you
You were my life, my love, my happiness, my friend,
How silly of me to think that we would last until the end
Now, I am remembering what we had said right at the start.
When we held hands and whispered “Until death do us part”

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