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In The Belly Of A Monster

January 17, 2011
By Lucy4himnotu ELITE, Richardson, Texas
Lucy4himnotu ELITE, Richardson, Texas
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There's nothing more than nothing now,
I am a creature on the wind,
Though I prance and fly away
they don't see the pain I'm in.

What am I now that I am here?
This monster takes my name,
here and only here I am,
To injure, break, and maim,

here I am your one and only,
The girl of your fantasies,
The one with all that baggage,
And the childish, juvenile screams.

i toss and turn in bed at night,
As I see your blood run dry.
Yours and his and hers and theirs,
All because I couldn't try.

I can never save them,
Though it always is my fault,
I keep my fears and guilt inside,
And turn to lock the vault.

Every now and then I smell it,
Just a scent come down the hall...
I shudder and I shiver,
And I cower behind my wall.

There is no hope for this worthless thing,
This beast come to destroy,
You'll never know how she cries every night...
Only longing to be filled with joy..

She makes it through the day, so strong,
Every smile is given in vain,
She makes it back to her secluded residence
And crumples on the floor in pain,

nothing cures the madness,
For more than a moments time,
A peace cannot subdue her,
her only cure is an unread rhyme.

A message to the public,
I'm here, but I am gone,
the monster ate me years ago...
And now I die alone...

In the belly of a monster

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