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The Love Story.

October 10, 2011
By FangPoet DIAMOND, Wichita, Kansas
FangPoet DIAMOND, Wichita, Kansas
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In love the paradox occurs that two beings become one and yet remain two. - Erich Fromm

I looked at you with baby doe eyes
I want you an you alone was all i could say
But still you walked away.
How dare you say no to me!
I think something flipped in my head see ?

All i did was save you an well i sorta opened up to you
i guess i hoped i might love
because a broken heart i hold in my hands
though i do not have all the pieces anymore
maybe i felt something for you because i want to be in a lovers arms
feel the warmth of their breath but i guess i missed the message like a speeding car missed the light.

Those eyes burned me they stole me but still i must pull away.
There's something wrong with me cant you see ??
My eyes shift an i radiate so much heat that we cant be
I'm sick I'm a freak I'm an a****** i wish you would see!!
I have fangs that can make you bleed babe please try to understand

My eyes are cold an have no life
for there is no soul behind these dead blue eyes
I'm a freak with fangs to please don't deny me what i need
For i shiver from the cold no heat
she touches his hand

Her touch was like ice but her eyes were not dead but very alive with a bright shine to them.
But she not only touch my skin but my heart those eyes hypnotic a trance that suck me in.
I embraced her giving her my warmth as her skin relived me of my heat.

I could only gasp as i sucked up his heat that i hoped was alone affection.
He too was always hurt his heart stomped an squished.
But if he gave it to me i would keep it safe until we drifted apart for i never felt good enough for hI'm or anyone else.
But maybe just once i could be loved..
this is only the beginning if you let it be ...

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Aiden PLATINUM said...
on Oct. 19 2011 at 3:56 pm
Aiden PLATINUM, Vicksburg, Michigan
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omg!! u r seriusly gifted!! i read this like 13 times and love it!!