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Artificial Friend

November 14, 2011
By ItzStar BRONZE, Waianae, Hawaii
ItzStar BRONZE, Waianae, Hawaii
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Smile, Hi, Soon goodbye.
Hi again, Artificial Friend.

Laugh, Cough,
“Are you okay?”
“Oh sure Im fine.”
is all I say.

You both walk,
side by side,
Casual Conversation.
All feelings hide.

They hide from her.
Yes, your true thoughts,
of what you two had,
and what you two lost.

Now you are together,
once again,
and alls you can think is,
What an artificial friend.

You want to cry,
You want to scream,
No ones a true friend,
is what it seems.

Artificial friends,
they make up your clique,
but honestly, it's getting
old & sick.

So you leave the group
in hopes of being set free,
in hopes of independence,
in hopes of sanity.

Smile. Hi. Soon goodbye.
Hi again, Artificial friend.

You're on the verge of tears,
you're heaving and you sigh,
they dont even notice your misery,
or even your goodbye.

After a while, they notice your tears,
they ask, “Whats Wrong?”
you say, “Oh nothing, nothing at all.”
So they go back to laughing again,
and you're back to thinking,
What an artificial friend.

Its nice they noticed,
the tears run down your face,
but a true friend wouldnt leave you
alone in such a haste.

So in the end,
you leave for good,
its for the best,
you've finally understood.

You pass them in the halls,
you pass them,
you pass them all.

Smile. Hi. Soon goodbye.
Hi again, Artificial friend.

The author's comments:
This is personally my social life. Friends. Hi. Goodbye. Hi again...Thats all it is. No invites to the Movies or the local carnival, nope, just casual talk, "How was your day?", yada yada...One day goes into the next and Im left out. They are only there to say Hi to & to tell others "Thats my friends!" because they are sooo cool. Thats my life for you:)

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