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I'll Still Love You

December 23, 2011
By k.s.h. GOLD, Depauw, Indiana
k.s.h. GOLD, Depauw, Indiana
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Robert Frost

When sunshine leaks it's life away,
to represent another day,
when human figures turn to clay,
I'll still love you.

When nations fight and bruise and sore,
when hungry traitors ask for more,
when water burns on a blood-red shore,
I'll still love you.

When burning bridges crumble down,
when God gives up his gleaming crown,
when merfolk wither to fail and drown,
I'll still love you.

When grassy hillsides dry and fade,
when thieves have never known to raid,
when strong ones have been scarred and swayed,
I'll still love you.

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