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December 21, 2011
By Ellabell PLATINUM, Columbia, Missouri
Ellabell PLATINUM, Columbia, Missouri
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Queenly and yet fierce,
Regal, cool, composed,
Her sharp, yet distant eyes once pierced
The deserts of Egypt long ago.
A remnant of her beauty remains
Outlasting even shifting sands
A shattered reminder of the queen
That once reigned over the black land.
Dark and deep
Like pools of glass
Mirrors to the present
Windows to the past.
These are the eyes
Of Nefertiti.
As calm and composed
As they may seem
Those eyes conceal a tragedy.
If stone could cry
She would shed tears
For six loving daughters long disappeared.
A life, all too short, lived in fear.
The kingdom that she built
Slipped like sand through her fingers.
Of monuments and palaces
Only fragments linger.
The dream of utopia was not to be
A dream like hers she lived to see
In the briefest of glorious flashes,
Rise from sands like the blazing sun
Then she watched as it fell into ashes.

The author's comments:
What I want to do in life is to become an Egyptologist, or a person who studies Egypt. There is a lot that we don't know about Nefertiti. She lived in a time of radical change for Egypt, a time that saw the closing of the temples and the first monotheistic religion in history: Atenism. Nefertiti's husband and Pharaoh was the leader of this new religion, and later his descendants tried to erase him from history. Sometime late in his reign, Nefertiti and her six daughters vanished. Nobody knows what happened to them. One of her daughters married King Tut, but she also disappeared....

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