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There Came a Ship of Falsehoods

February 24, 2012
By Ellabell PLATINUM, Columbia, Missouri
Ellabell PLATINUM, Columbia, Missouri
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There came a splendid ship
Decked in fools’ gold and silver lies
A grand and regal falsehood
That drowned out the rhythm of the tides.
Your eyes sparkled with visions of diamonds
But I knew that they were made of glass.
Despite all of that golden finery,
I knew that none of it would last.
As the ship came into harbor,
I watched you struggle with your thoughts.
But when made to decide between pebbles and pearls,
I knew that you would be lured and caught.
Like a fish from the salty sea,
Entrapped in a shimmering net of gold
And I waited for you to leave.
For who was I to make you stay?
Your life was your own
The choice wasn’t mine
But I feared that your nature would lead you astray,
And I knew that you were wasting your time.
I stood upon the pebble beach
And I watched you sail away,
I tried to show you reason,
But you would not be swayed.
I wished you the best of luck
But you ignored my words of farewell
You boarded that ship of falsehoods
Cast off as the tides began to swell
I watched as you turned you face
To the rough sea breeze
And you left me standing on that rocky shore

of cold reality.

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