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March 1, 2012
By Steph0804 GOLD, Seoul, Other
Steph0804 GOLD, Seoul, Other
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"Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog: you understand it better, but the frog dies in the process." -E.B. White

There was a young girl
named Annamarie
who had a great power
that could stop the vast seas

She could freeze the Earth
whenever she chose
put a stop to every crime
or injustice that arose

The first few years
of her tragic life
were used to protect others
from danger and strife

She stopped the ocean waves
to save a drowning boy
defended a frightened family from
a monster set to destroy

Annamarie grew older
and began attending school
she started growing bolder
and slightly more cruel

She peeked at others' answers
during daily class exams
she played pranks on her teacher
was involved in various scams

As Annamarie matured 
she started changing for the worse
to the innocent people around her
her gift became a curse

She shoved a bossy colleague
out a second story window
and stole a pricey painting from
a million dollar chateau

Annamarie aged even more
and grew quite insecure
she began to struggle desperately
found it difficult to endure

For when a man broke her heart
or when Death stole one of her kin,
her power could not return her life
to the carefree way it had been

Finally, in frustration 
She pushed it all away
froze the entire, whole wide world
decided that's how it would stay

In this icy, motionless, emotionless realm
Annamarie grew old
When she finally, finally keeled over and died
she died alone and cold

The world immediately moved again
people laughed, and children played,
but no one noticed poor Annamarie
in the dark alley where she was laid

This is the end of the tragic tale
of our lovely leading lady
dear reader, please try to learn from her
and avoid the path that is shady

For gifts are meant to be respected
not abused or misemployed
just look at poor, poor Annamarie
and the powers with which she toyed

If you do so happen to possess
an ability such as this
remember that lies and criminal ties
will never grant you true bliss

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on Mar. 26 2012 at 6:17 pm
savetheplanet PLATINUM, Anaheim, California
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It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

Quite an interesting story, like a simplified Greek myth.  I wonder, is it basedon reality?  But anyway, great job! :)