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Three-Legged Spider

April 30, 2012
By Lacer GOLD, Highland Village, Texas
Lacer GOLD, Highland Village, Texas
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There was a healthy spider
With all his eight fine legs
But one day some children came along
And picked his legs off dead

Three-legged spider
Do you see your home?
Three-legged spider
Now you’re all alone

The children grew up with the spider
Knew him from his birth
They fed him flies and called him nice
But now his pain is mirth

Three legged spider
Running through the woods
Three legged spider
They’re not gone for good

He made a new web in the forest
Smaller, with less to please
He hid away so far away
And threw away the key

Three legged spider
Don’t be so afraid
Three legged spider
You are not astray

In the trees he made a home
But he hated it there
His confines were cramped and hard to breath
There wasn’t any air

Three legged spider
Come make a new web
Come out of your closet
Don’t be filled with dread

Three legged spider
Can’t you hear them sing?
All the loving children
Who have joy to bring

But there he waited cold and hungry
Through all wind and storm
The dear poor thing was so afraid
All he did was mourn

But one day when winter came
The spider heard the noise
The mean children came again
Wanting him to by their toy

Three legged spider
Have the heart to fight
Don’t die alone here
Not on this bright night

Three legged spider
Run through wind and snow
Three legged spider
Hide the things you know

Three legged spider
Leave them far behind
Three legged spider
Peace is in your mind

When spring then came the snow rolled away
And he saw hills of green
He ventured out of his forest
Looking to be serene

He found a place where he was home
A place to build a web
He settled in and laid to rest
The hurt out of his head

But so he thought until that night
When monsters prowled the hills
The children with their sticks and knives
Were coming for the kill

Three legged spider
They’ve torn down your web
Three legged spider
Dragged out of your bed

Three legged spider
Hurt and raped and wry
Three legged spider
Close your eyes and cry

Three legged spider
Beaten, bruised and sad
Three legged spider
Death can’t be that bad

Death can’t be that bad

The author's comments:
Three-Legged Spider
Climbing up his spout
Three-Legged Spider
Know what you're about

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