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First Loves

October 15, 2012
By tatertot15 SILVER, West Bend, Wisconsin
tatertot15 SILVER, West Bend, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."
~Martin Luther King jr.

The pain you feel from your first love
The one you believed was sent from above
No longer holds your heart the way you thought
No matter the presents or gifts you bought
It starts with a smile, an intimate touch
A kiss you enjoy so very much
But ends with pain and hurt and tears
From the person you loved for so many years
A single tear, you must let it out
And maybe you will scream and shout
While so many thoughts race through your head
And from your heart that one last thread
Slowly ripping, tearing apart
Should you have seen it from the start?
Is your life over, will this be the end
Your heart left for others to mend
Suicide racing through your brain
No other way to end your pain
A knife and a vein cut open to bleed
One powerful slice is all that you need
You're gone for good, cant help you now
Only wishing you knew how
To use your voice and speak to friends
About the pain you couldnt end
They would've helped you without a doubt
You wouldnt have had to scream or shout
That first love will make you cry
And maybe even want to die
But friends are there through it all
To help you back up when you fall!

The author's comments:
I myself have never been in the position of wanting to end my life after a relationship, but I have many friends who feel life is over with that significant other. Talk to your friends when you need help getting through something. Theres always a way.

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