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The Rouge Vampire

December 4, 2012
By Nikki1559 SILVER, Hillsboro, North Dakota
Nikki1559 SILVER, Hillsboro, North Dakota
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There once was a vampire named Vick
Everyone thought him quite sick
He would go through the town
Running rampant around
Killing people gave him a kick;

To get rid of the matter at hand
The mayor would call someone quite grand
A good hero who fought
When this town was distraught
Victoria would save all the land;

To Vick’s lair she went
Bringing along just a tent
Almost turning around
When fell on the ground
Her energy was nearly spent;

When Victoria finally found his hall
It made her look like doll
And all of the floorboards were gone
But to the eyes this was just a conn
This was going to be quite a brawl;

Off the walls she flew
Slaying is what she intended do
Slashing here and there
Her sword throwing blood everywhere
But something was kind of askew;

Victoria had been bit
For she was quite a twit
A slave she became
With Vick at the reign
All she could do was watch and sit;

Now with his slave he thought
Vick was clearly quite distraught
He didn’t know what to do
All of the townspeople he slew
To kill anymore he thought not;

He did not want to hurt again
He thought living was quite a pain
Then with a “poof” he turned to dust
Their own eyes they did no trust
How he died no one can explain.

The author's comments:
This is just something random I had to write for class but I thought that it was kind of good.

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