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Getting Over You

April 8, 2013
By tatertot15 SILVER, West Bend, Wisconsin
tatertot15 SILVER, West Bend, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."
~Martin Luther King jr.

It’s funny to think that a week ago,
We were happily in love.
Laughing, smiling, holding hands.
No one came between us or above.
Sweet silly texts of I love you and miss you,
You were always on my mind.
“You are the only one for me”,
You’d tell me all the time.
After 10 months of pain and pure heartache,
You finally fell for me too.
From the moment we met, I told myself,
It always had to be you.
The work I put into being with you,
My God, you’ll never know.
And now that we’re done, I’m relieved and sad,
But I’ll never let it show.
So what does love mean to you?
And how exactly do you show it?
Cuz what you had for me wasn’t love
You and I both know it.
My love for you was strong and pure,
I loved you for who you are.
But clearly I didn’t know enough,
Our relationship didn’t go very far.
There were things about yourself that you didn’t like,
But I loved every hair on your head.
The sparkle in your eyes, the dimple in your cheek,
Even the weight you thought you needed to shed.
And to me, that’s what love is,
The little things that I wouldn’t change for the world.
I loved you strictly for who you were,
I didn’t dare look at any other girl.
But of course you and I always differ,
And go down separate paths.
I could think it’s better to shower,
While you prefer a bath.
Love to you, is a feeling in the moment,
Your heart is filled with lust.
Compassion and adoration didn’t matter to you,
Neither did patience or trust.
You loved with your eyes,

With satisfaction of knowing that I would change anything for you.
My hair, my clothes, my hobbies, my friends,
If that’s what it came down to.
Now, I’m not perfect and neither are you,
But best believe for you I tried.
As I gave up the things I loved to do,
I fought the urges and was dying inside.
And all for what, to be with you?
A love that did not last?
To think that we could actually be,
I was living in the past.
From pointless fights, to you admitting the truth,
You went and cheated on me.
We planned on spending forever together,
But instead you set me free.
And when we broke up, you still didn’t care,
At me, you laughed and teased.
And now you expect me to come crawling back,
On my knees, begging you, baby please.
Well I have a secret, would you like to hear?
I’ll always love you, that’s true.
But I wish that love would turn into hate,
Cuz baby I am so done with you.
I’ll never love anyone the way I loved you,
This is also true, yes, I know.
But as the love remains, the hatred grows,
And I’m slowly letting you go.
I won’t sit and cry, or listen to sad songs,
The way I used to do.
Though it hurts and it’s wrong, I’m gonna trash talk your name,
Cuz that’s the only way I’m getting over you.

The author's comments:
After 10 months of fighting to be with a girl I drove myself crazy about, she finally fell for me and we dated but she ended up cheating on me over Spring break.

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