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The definition of Death

April 9, 2014
By PoetryGirl96 PLATINUM, Ramsey, Illinois
PoetryGirl96 PLATINUM, Ramsey, Illinois
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Please tell me you see what's wrong on this earth?
We were doomed in the beginning, we were doomed before birth.
We are to lazy to fix things or pick up some trash.
We have polluted our earth and think of nothing but cash.
You call yourself a patriot but wont stand for the flag!
You like to bully others and then go to people and brag.
You eat at others feeling and make them feel worse, you being born was just the devils bright curse.
You have killed one already with your disgusting way with words, you bullied her so bad she couldn't be heard.
You went to her funeral, and sorrowed for her loss.
How can you live with yourself, was her life worth the cost?
You never learn do you, do you think its okay? This might be American but you can't say what you say.
What would you tell her mom?
as she cries on her grave
What would you tell her dad?, you know he is full of rage.
What would you tell her love, who will now sorrow for her life?
Do you still think your words we okay?, that your words were right?
People who kill themselves are never weak!
They just are fed up from the words that you reek.

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