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my split personality

May 27, 2014
By PoetryGirl96 PLATINUM, Ramsey, Illinois
PoetryGirl96 PLATINUM, Ramsey, Illinois
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When I was little I had a best friend.
I knew she was real.
Mom said she was pretend.

I loved my friend, we would play all day.
We would ruin the kitchen and you tell me hurtful things to say.

I would listen to my dear friend even if she made me want to steal
My only friend
I knew she was real.
Dad said she was pretend.

My friend and I grew up and grew close.
I guess you could say we were closer then most.
I remember one day at school I was sitting with my friend on the ground, when kids came to me and crowded around.
They beat me till I was voiceless, i couldn't make a sound.
They beat me till I couldn't get off the ground... I burnt that school down.

my friend and I are having a ball.
up in the psych ward...with the soft wall.
my friend and i are having fun plotting a revenge.
even though the counselor says shes pretend.

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