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Her and He

August 26, 2014
By 16smash SILVER, Enterprise, Utah
16smash SILVER, Enterprise, Utah
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The face was symmetrical
Her freckles, her mystic emerald eyes
According to biology, this was attractive
According to him, biology delivered no surprise

The clothes were often “out there”
Her aunt’s jewelry, her thrift shop treasures
He loved to watch her readjust her outfit
He loved this simple pleasure

The oblivion was obvious
Her complex mind never knew his name
He found joy in interpreting her intentions
He found entertainment in this game

The hair was often untamed
Her dark brown kinks and soft wave
He was allured by the natural look
He was captive to her aura, an unintended slave

The voice was just shy of hypnotic
Her enunciation, her seamless flow
He replayed her words repeatedly
He replayed her especially when feeling low

The smell was always enchanting
Her skin like vanilla and sandalwood
He breathed her in when she sat near
He breathed her air but never quite understood

The disappearance was abrupt
Her absence went under the radar
He knew she was gone though
He knew she couldn't have gone far

The school carried on without her
Her presence did not contribute much
He felt otherwise
He felt he lost his crutch

The hospital ran its tests
Her blood, her body, her brain
He never knew she was sick
He never knew she experienced this pain

The leukemia whispered soft threats
Her body craving to cave
He kept wondering about her disappearance
He kept feeling the need to save

The last thought brought solace
Her mind replayed the image of his face
He was noticed by her each day
He was in her life by a trace

The kiss of death was peaceful
Her frail limbs put to rest
He agreed to settle with the unknown
He agreed not to contest

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