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Forgotten Line

April 18, 2016
By ShellyToll SILVER, Rathdrum, Idaho
ShellyToll SILVER, Rathdrum, Idaho
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She spent so much time,
Practicing every line,
Pretending she hadn’t lost her mind,
Acting like she was fine,

And then she was,
On center stage,
Acting like she okay,
But the man in the audience,
Made her forget everything she was going to say,
Even though she rehearsed all the time,
She couldn’t remember her line,

She put on her mask to hide,
That she almost cried,
Instead she smiled,
Tried to make it worth his while,
She was bad at improv,
But still she tried,
As she couldn’t remember that forgotten line,

The author's comments:

I wrote this about something that I had been planning for years in the slim chance it would ever happen. Then it did and feelings and butterflies got in the way and I couldn't say anything I wanted to. 

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