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Ode to the Timeline

May 11, 2016
By Bej03 BRONZE, Muskego, Wisconsin
Bej03 BRONZE, Muskego, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"I'll do it later" - Me

Time seems to drift

Up on that clock, the hands stray.

Oh, how I'd wish to trade,

For more hours in the day.


I have grown gradually,

People come and go,

My mind is searching desperatly

For something, I don't know.


The winds of the past sweep me away,

The hurricane of the present rages.

The clouds of the future block my vision

As it captures us in cages.


People worry way too much

Slow down, relish the feeling

Don't think about anything

Worry gets you reeling


If you move too fast

You will surely regret

Mistakes, accidentss, and failures

That posed as a potential threat.


My advice to you,

My dearest friend,

Don't fret about the future

Too soon it all will end.


If you can't stand your existence,

Please know this

I promise you, that if you wait,

You'll experience true bliss


Laugh, sing, dance,

Go travel the land,

Feel the water surrounding you,

Bury your feet in the sand.


Before you know it,

It will all be done, 

and you will think to yourself,

"I thought it had just begun".

The author's comments:

It is aobut people who grow up too fast and don't take the time to experience the "time" they have.

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