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Green Eyes, Gold Waves

September 28, 2018
By AidanRobles PLATINUM, New Port Richey, Florida
AidanRobles PLATINUM, New Port Richey, Florida
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Green eyes, gold waves,

What do you see?

Until now I thought only

Of what I saw, what I felt.

I dreamt of roses, olives,

And a carnation;

The bed of petals,

Red, white,

Soft and downy,

You rest upon the still sea.

Our bed upon the water,

The sea green in your eyes,

The sun bearing down,

In gold waves.

I can only capture this,

I am no creator.

What runs in your head?

I’ve forgotten how to ask.

Green eyes, gold waves,

This dream is brighter

Than my excursions

Behind dark eyelids,

The house stands

With a salty sun bleached white,

Like a lake of salt crystal.

You are there in this house of dreams,

And the air smells of figs,

And all tastes of honey.

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