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Your soul

October 5, 2018
By graciepratt BRONZE, Somerset, Kentucky
graciepratt BRONZE, Somerset, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
"Things have to get worse before they can get better"

I clinched my fists as he passed by, mumbling words under my breathe
We judge everyone so easily but even more so for him 
Not sure whether it's because he too was judged, or if the impending, indefinite inconclusive collision of two worlds, one of which being his is too much to handle.

That at a time where they were in control was okay.
But other people were made to work without pay.
That white people made colored their slaves.

Behind the screen there was black and white colors
Behind the scene white mothers hiding white children and their white brothers 

At 12 you let me loose my heart in a soul sucking freckled white kid . His insides filled with leeches ready to take away what once was me.
At 13 you let me go anywhere & do anything. Let me run the sinking streets as i contimplated leaving 
Let me scream to my one friend 
Ready to leave bag packed full of saltines as though that'd even get us through a whole week
Let a guy grade my heart on a scale of 1-10 
There's no numbers he steps on
Crashing down from the top floor to the very bottom
9/11 has seen worse but this was kinda bad.
The floors encloses now & i'm left with a plant.
Sticking up for while until it decides to wilt.

The moral of this was that you have not one
Ethics dont exist inside your brain there is an auction 
I would like to sell this thought and i would like to buy one
Replace it with my thoughts 
God please trade mine so that he's got some

Sense of human decency,

Because what it appears to be,

Is if you knew i liked a different skin then i would be kicked out.
I could be a rainbow sticking out the bright green ground 
Even that you'd have a better time accepting 

Your soul is disavowing filth

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