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Living in the Stars

January 8, 2019
By WordsToChangeANation GOLD, Lebanon, Ohio
WordsToChangeANation GOLD, Lebanon, Ohio
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Everyone looks up

Wishing on me

Idolizing me

Making me something I’m not

They all want to be me:

They want to shine

To light up the darkness that surrounds them

But no one really knows

What it’s like:

To know people look up to me

And to know that there is nothing

I want more

Than to go down to them

And live among the swirling whites

The deep blues and greens

That fill the empty spaces.

They don’t know how lonely

It is to live in the sky

Where the only others

Are millions of miles away

Down on earth they see us all

As one

When really we live

With galaxies between us.

It’s so lonely

Here in the sky

Trapped between two worlds

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