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My Heart Aches

April 17, 2019
By DJAlyss GOLD, El,paso, Texas
DJAlyss GOLD, El,paso, Texas
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My heart aches at the sight of him coming closer,
At the sound of his voice pierces my ears like needles,
The way he looks at me hurts me and makes me feel low,
How he stays with other girls and gets close with them,
I am saddened at the sight of him bcz i know he is happy now.

He is happier without me.
He looks as if a weight was lifted off of him.
He walks as if freed from a burden,
He talks like the chains he was once bound to have been broken and he is set free,
He smiles as if there is no tomorrow and no worry in the world,
He doesn't shed a tear,
There is new, renewed, happiness in his eyes,
His eyes sparkle like stars in a galaxy from a far,
He seems to have a skip in his step.

He smiles more than he ever did,
More than I could ever make him,
He plays with girls with ease as if taking a leisure stroll,
But the most obvious thing to me that isn't as noticeable to every one else is the simple, small, little things.
The glances I get when i am with other guys.
The look I get when I cry.
The disgusting pity in his eyes when I tear up in front of him and try not to.

One thing no one can see but i can feel is my heart.
He is so much happier now.
That's all I want for him.
If I must hurt for the sake of his happiness than I will.
Even though..
My heart aches...

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