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Please, just stay

October 10, 2019
By Jordi2112 PLATINUM, Gardner, Kansas
Jordi2112 PLATINUM, Gardner, Kansas
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― Marilyn Monroe

What would I do

If my dad left my brother

Because he couldn’t deal with his pain

Or the crazy of my mother?

Blood never mattered

But now does it change

Because my brother has grown

And he’s a little bit strange?

He’s not a baby anymore

But he still needs his dad

It doesn’t matter if he’s different

You’re the best he’s ever had

Just because you don’t share blood

Doesn’t make him any less your kid

It’s because of you he’s so happy

The good things that you did

When you rocked him to sleep

Sang softly in his ear

He knew his dad would protect him

Keep him safe from any fear

You’ve done more than his donor ever did

Keeping him safe when he wasn’t even your kid

You can’t back out now, it’s just too late

You being in his life was all a plan of fate

Now you know that I love you

For some inexplicable reason

But I swear to God if you leave him

It’d be like committing treason 

Don’t you ever leave him behind

No matter what, he needs you

Don’t pretend like you don’t know

Because I know that you do

That is your son, Dad

And he always will be

If you value your kids

Then you’ll listen to me

Take care of that boy

Take care of his heart

Raise him to be brave

Raise him to be smart

Just sit there and listen

When he tells you about his day

Please, just never leave him

Please, just stay

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