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I wish I had met you ten years from today

November 17, 2020
By _maggieweaver BRONZE, Plymouth, Massachusetts
_maggieweaver BRONZE, Plymouth, Massachusetts
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"Live in the now, live for today. Because yesterday is gone, and tomorrow maybe never come"

"The way I love is complicated, unrealistic, and unique. But it is warm, passionate and real. And real love is something that everybody should fight for. So I would want to love no other way"

I wish I had the chance to know the person you would be ten years from now

Whether you decided to be a laywer or an orthopedic surgeon

Whether she decided to be a singer or a therapist

Because then maybe this argument would feel like defining

Maybe I would not feel collectivley guilty for a choice I did not make

I wish I met you a year earlier

Maybe we would be happier

Maybe we would be strangers

But we are here now, so lets see where this goes

Take me through the highs

So I can count the lows

Single me out

But please do not make me cry

If you bring back the dark

I promise you I will find light again

And it will make me say

I wish I had met you ten years from today

The author's comments:

Being placed in the middle of a situation, or in this case a relationship, never results well for any party. Yes we walked away from it friends, but it did not last. I had wished that I met him years for now, but I don't know who'd he be, and I don't know who'd I be. Life is just a mess of complicated choices, make whatever choices is best for you. 

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