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Again and Again. (Dear Heavenly Father)

December 16, 2020
By Anonymous

Dear Heavenly Father,

I've sinned Again.

I forgot you Again.

I denied you Again.

I called myself a Christian and showed people a monster Again. 

I shattered the commandments Again.

I ignored you Again.

I hated my neighbor Again.

I opened my home to the rich man and turned out the poor Again.

I judged people Again.

I was holier than thou Again.

I was of the world and forgot you Again.

I never even repented Again.

You forgave me Again.

You loved me Again. 

You called me your beloved Again.

You loved this wreck of a prodigal Again.

You ignored my flaws and betrayals Again.

You took me back, Again.

You'll take me back, Always.

Thank You, God. I love you, God.

And no matter how i sin, you love me too.

And no matter how i sin, you take me back to you.

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