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misty grey

March 10, 2021
By piperw811 PLATINUM, Pittsford, New York
piperw811 PLATINUM, Pittsford, New York
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"chemistry between people is the strangest science of all" - Bridgett Devoue

awareness trickles in and

feeling arrives in the fingers, toes,

extending through the limbs and

 into the center of this body

that may be mine, regardless of how

I feel.


these eyes flutter open and obey my

commands, darting around this room

that I know as mine to

push away the material that shields the sun

and to let the shadows take over this

already darkened space.


but the shadows refuse to do their job and

light compensates, producing a pastel and almost

yellow-grey color on these walls while

mist and heat take their time leaving the ground,

obscuring the trees and diffusing the light.


admiration courses through me, the one part of me

that I am fully aware is most definitely me.

this collection of appendages dismisses the beauty while i

revel in the soft visions that this haze has

produced on this grey morning, pleased and soothed.


pleasure lingers, but even he has to leave sometime.

the vapor is already gone, as is the yellow-grey color on my wall

and just like that, my reverie has ended.

The author's comments:

I wrote this one morning while looking at the shadow on my wall from the sunrise. Poems are so often inspired by events and emotions, but I felt that a truly beautiful color could not only inspire a poem but be conveyed through the writing. I hope that this poem does just that.

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