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Searching for a Shadow in the Night

April 6, 2021
By CrystalMelody GOLD, X, Other
CrystalMelody GOLD, X, Other
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Searching for a shadow in the night

a shadow among a thousand shadows

Seeking with a shadow slaying light

hoping to save a life

her own shadow false hope she chases knowing its spite

following a shadow unperturbed by the beam

fearing possibility that might

so many awful options

imaginings of the shadows plight

or worse, imaginings that it ran from her

so many options to give fright

though the shadows should have done

shadows were not something to fight

perhaps they hurt and want to be good

perhaps a future they wish were bright

perhaps her shadow was lost

perhaps her light had dispersed its flight

The author's comments:

the one tie i wrote something realish. i was searching for a lost pet, the shadow that i was following was my (black) cat, who without the flashlight disappears. i was hoping she might be helping, but no, she was trying to get more food(night is her feeding time. i feed her already. and gave her 2 full-size dog treats. she did not need food.) she wasn't very helpful. the lost pet itself isn't black(i did find her), so not really a shadow but i was writing in my head because i could. i bet everyone does it. and i was chasing my own shadow because for some weird science light reason it was ahead of me, so i made a game of following it in the general direction i was headed. i was so worried tho, i thought she might be dead, or ran away, or dead. I'm still not convinced she didn't hide on purpose.

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