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My evil reflection

April 19, 2021
By Kenzielee SILVER, Farmers Branch, Texas
Kenzielee SILVER, Farmers Branch, Texas
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"sometimes painful things can teach us lessons that we didn't think we needed to know."- anonymous

Looking in the mirror

I see a similar face

Yet despite our similarities

I feel like I'm being encased.


Walls of flesh

And cages of bones

Im absolutely terrified

Of all of the unknowns.


Her smile makes me cower

In fear of what she's done.

My race is finished,

Is all I can think

And in that moment she has won.


Not the war

But a battle so true,

Yet in my head

Im fighting with you.


My war is not done

And the end's not near

For my voice will soon become

Loud and very clear.


"You kept me quiet"

I'll shout to the world,

And all of your work

Will lay there unfurled.


I've risen past 

That girl in the mirror

And the person I am

Has suddenly become clearer.


My past is my past

And nothing can be changed

Therefore I'll pick myself back up

And carry on my day.

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