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My little spark

April 21, 2021
By Kenzielee SILVER, Farmers Branch, Texas
Kenzielee SILVER, Farmers Branch, Texas
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"sometimes painful things can teach us lessons that we didn't think we needed to know."- anonymous

My little candle

burning bright,

was never ready

for this intense fight.

The shouts and cries

and unholy things,

they mix together

to form a melody that sings.

Their wax had been melted

and their wicks were all cut,

yet they reached for my light

despite being stuck.

I wished I could help

as I fell to the ground,

sending my light out

so someone could be found.

I gave up my light

to set someone free,

if only I would have know

what would happen to me.

Beginning to get cold

and the darkness swirling above,

I brace for what's to come

only then do I see the dove.

As it flies closer

I hear a triumphant roar,

turning my head to look

I see them step out of the door.

Their wax was brand new

and their wicks were standing tall

yet each and every one of them

carried a small orange ball.

I laughed in surprise

as I recognized what they carry,

for my flame was not lost

only multiplied for the many.

They all worked together 

to push out the dark,

and it's hard to believe

this was caused by my spark.

I sent it out

to save one or two,

never would I have dreamed

about what it would do.

They all rushed over

and I stood there in awe,

for as I stared at them

I could never find a flaw.

My one little flame

helped save so many.

Imagine what could we do

if we all gave a penny.

I small price to pay

to save humanity

and all it takes

is a little give from you and me.

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