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May 10, 2021
By TheCogentOne SILVER, Dhaka, Other
TheCogentOne SILVER, Dhaka, Other
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Use your weakness as your weapon. The more stronger your weapon is, the more strategy you will have.

I see the moon everyday,
Didn't miss today, nor will miss anyday.
The moon has no light of its own,
But it still glows in the dark.

Sometimes, it's not visible,
But it's still there,
Somewhere in the sky, behind the clouds.
Still glowing,
And I stare at the blank sky.

I sing watching the moon,
I talk to the moon.
Although it has no life of its own.
The moon is the only one,
Who listens to me.
And the only one,
To show me light of hope.
Because no matter what happens,
I got to glow, I have to.
Like the moon.

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