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June 10, 2021
By KellyLau PLATINUM, Burnaby, Columbia
KellyLau PLATINUM, Burnaby, Columbia
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There is a versatile Greek god. 

He is the god of the sun 

and the god of disease

Just as he brings the Sun to me every day 

he will bring to me allergies or a cold like clockwork 

right after the sea of black and tissues 

My red eyes burn 

My throat aches 

My lungs can barely gasp for air

He will tuck away the Light in my life 

I pull out the same black dress and pray 

Bury my Feelings and a Person

Then the illness fades in part each day 

melting away like the sunset 

except for some small smatterings that stay like a constant 

the invisible illness lingering forever

the falsely bright sun lowering like the coffin

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