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Thousand Tears

June 10, 2021
By KellyLau PLATINUM, Burnaby, Columbia
KellyLau PLATINUM, Burnaby, Columbia
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Emoto theorizes 

that water recognizes 

and goes through motions 

in response to human emotions

Cold water sending a rush through your system 

It’s like that feeling after you kissed him

The emotion rushing over every inch of you 

That sinking pit grew to 

a crashing raging ocean

when he said he loved you 

Old water stale in your mouth

After lies were spewed


knowing you knew


water swarmed 

and embracing you in a hug

Racing and crashing together like waves

Hands with a distance feeling that craving from your lips

Suffocating from a kiss

Enveloping you whole as you dive in it 

An abyss 

Yet slipping out of your grip 

as soon as you sought her 


has feelings

Yet we only associate it with one:


We need water like we need air 

To be fair 

that need overcomes all 

Death without air can be water’s fault

But is kinder

Gasping for something basic, she is a fighter 

Without air, you will die within minutes 

If you go without water for weeks you will be pushed to your limits 

Going a couple hours and thinking you could get the best of it 

Yet craving it on your lips

Depriving yourself of this survival means 

becomes all but routine 

the waterfalls from your eyes are you bodies rejecting your basic needs 

But you have to teeter on the edge 

for a dangerous shape shifting monster lies below the ledge 

playing your mind

waiting for your jump to be perfectly timed

trying to find the perfect height

Up to high 

and for a second you will feel free and fly

but you will be met with the controlled 


and hard 



Down to low

And when you fall

it wouldn’t be like what you thought you were jumping in at all

conforming to fit around your body 

everything distorted and cloudy 

Yet throughout this torture of surrounded by water 

We all vie for the presence of this honor 

what is revealed 

that little know feels 

Tortured by what is necessary for life to proceed

Your love 

It is as much as water a basic need

The author's comments:

Thousands have lived without love not one without water

- W.H Auden 

But who would want to? Is it then surviving rather than living?

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