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Time Stands Still

June 10, 2021
By KellyLau PLATINUM, Burnaby, Columbia
KellyLau PLATINUM, Burnaby, Columbia
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The broken clock stands in the corner 

Like a toddler that nobody bothered to let know that they could go 

Clock hands frozen in place like playing Freeze Dance and the stereo broke

For so long it was deemed an antique

Hiding in the shadows like hide and seek 

There the clock will stay 

Watching time racing away 

Why do we say that at least a broken clock is right twice a day?

When it is wrong every other times spent 

Do we draw the lines at 0.138 %?

A broken clock is broken 

Do not choose to only see the 99.862 % unspoken

The oaken 0.138% clearly means that it is not okay

And people should not be okay with right twice a day

More need to understand 

That to fix what’s broken all it takes is little bit of time and caring hands

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