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Swimming with the fishes

June 11, 2021
By KellyLau PLATINUM, Burnaby, Columbia
KellyLau PLATINUM, Burnaby, Columbia
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I watched as everyone fell into the facade

Blinded by the show

They made you trip and peppered you in arrows

Ripped out your guts

and when you thought it was enough

they cursed you to the

worst and they drowned you

Consumed you and crowned you

a fool

Reduced to memories a ghost or ghoul


The beast took greedily

Fleetingly lasted

In past

It broke and stomped chocked and trashed

I sweared it wouldn’t fall victim

And then I tripped right to em

And I fell into the kill of fake bliss

The arsenic kiss

Drowned in perfume

Doomed red lips

Eclipse of personality

Falling victim to the fatality of love


I couldn’t shove away the fear of it pulling me down in the palms of those delicate hands

Suffocatingly wrapped with premade plans

Stayed slave to butterflies

Shaving away chains

Diving breaking free

Flailing silent screams

Glittering above the streams of light as a reminder of euphoria

Before ya

Crammed my mind in this muck

Fought weighed down by broken luck

Unspoken horrors pulled me under

The cold made me shudder

And another

heart went cold

I thought I was in control

Guarded with walls

Wouldn’t be pulled down

but I lose and 

my wish is 

for you to know 

to avoid how I was found

swimming with the fishes

The author's comments:

Did you fall in love or did you trip into a mess? Did it consume you? Did it attack your stomach and invade your mind? Did you find who you used to be before it or is it also swimming with the fishes?

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