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distorted time

June 25, 2021
By Anonymous

when I can hear

the thoughts in my

head, running around

like schoolgirls on a


I know that

time is slowing down

and roses are demanding

 to be smelled


I feel it most

in an empty parking lot

at 5:30

in the morning

with no cars around

it’s just me and my

car, sitting on top

of arbitrarily painted

white and yellow lines

with my lights turned

off as I watch the sun rise


it might seem boring

but it’s moments like those

that make you think

and let you breathe


at 5:30

in the morning

there is no stress

except for the sweetly

singing birds who need

to find food for

their young

but all thoughts of

he said, she said

can fly out the trunk

of my car

in an empty parking lot

and I hope those

thoughts will land amongst

the stars so I will

see them only at

night and lose them

in the vast endlessness

of the dark

The author's comments:

the demands of time are not to be ignored. when you suddenly become hyperaware of a moment, that's the universe telling you to feel the distortion–to live in the moment, however surreal time may feel.

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