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total solar eclipse

June 25, 2021
By Anonymous

anxiously awaiting the

sparse minute of obscurity,

I bounce lightly.

the sun peers towards me,

scouting out its observers.


we know when

to appreciate

a fantastic performance.

the light, we hope,

is preparing its act.


my anxiety bubbles

beside me–

hands twitching, holding tightly to

my darkened glass, my acolyte.

ready for the

disappearance of

God’s wisdom,

angels fading in freckles of light

as darkness corrodes

the earth for

a sweet, blissful moment.


it begins.

the moon arrives,

effervescent light obscuring the stars

from our view.

it slips effortlessly in

between us and our

exquisite golden glow,

basking us in

complete darkness.


I hold up my glass

and stare into the sun,



the cool

of the moon’s shadow washes over me

and even anxiety is enchanted.


it floats away, captivated by

the darkness exhibited.


my soul rests.


we breathe in the

fumes of shadows.



light reenters orbit

and God,

accompanied with his angels,

smile down into our

unexpectant eyes,

as if to say,

wasn’t that wonderful?

don’t worry–

I’ve returned!



not all of us worried.


some of us relaxed:

the weight of the world

temporarily removed.

The author's comments:

a few years ago, we had a total solar eclipse. i was reminded of that a few weeks ago when I wrote this poem, shrouded in darkness. if you've never experienced a total solar eclipse, it's a little frightening. interesting – but frightening.

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