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August 18, 2021
By Methmi DIAMOND, Colombo, Other
Methmi DIAMOND, Colombo, Other
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“When things get hard, stop for awhile and look back and see how far you’ve come. Don’t forget how rewarding it is. You are the most beautiful flower, more than anyone else in this world.”

Oh, my why your eyes are wet?
Eyes are red as sunset
No one feels your sorrow tonight
Wondering where you sleep tonight

How much hunger do you feel?
As to eat a bowl of steel
Asking for money, food and borrow
Why anyone can't see this sorrow

Going on roads in midday sun
Giving love to your only sun
Past life, don't know what you've done
Having some only jam with bun

The author's comments:

Can you feel his heart?

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Lydiaq ELITE said...
on Aug. 18 2021 at 7:12 pm
Lydiaq ELITE, Somonauk, Illinois
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The universe must be a teenage girl. So much darkness, so many stars.

Absolutely beautiful