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September 5, 2021
By Giuliawrites GOLD, Muscat, Other
Giuliawrites GOLD, Muscat, Other
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The Neverending story,
Michael Ende

Oh to see without my eyes.

I might just catch a glimpse of me,

Dorian’s picture is my sure demise,

I beg - set me free.

Oh mirror, mirror, why do you show me her?

I’m Caravaggio’s Narcissus,

Drowning in my own water,

I’m nowhere, mind treacherous..

Mirror, mirror, I’m suddenly satisfied,

Painted my face as ivory as the wall behind,

Did I paint myself to disappear?

I see nothing of me so it is clear:

I’m perfect.

Mirror, how dare you ignore me?

Of truth, you are the sea,

So truthful be.

For the love of all!

Show me a person not a glorified doll!

Oh to see without my eyes.

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