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October 14, 2021
By centrum_lunae GOLD, Bombay, New York
centrum_lunae GOLD, Bombay, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Life itself is a lie,
the sun will set,
the moon will rise,
even stars must die"

- Blake Normandin

I’ve known you a while,

Loved you for long,

I thought you loved me,

But I was wrong.

I am so sorry,

For what i did,

But we were friends,

And of that I can't rid.

I have done you wrong,

I Hoped you would forgive,

Am i a bad person,

Should I continue to live? 

When i was with you,

I was happy,

But now your gone,

Life has turned sloppy.

Life is words,

Words are poems,

Poems are life,

But there is also stryfe.



In the error,

There is us,

I am like a cancer,

Consuming all trust.

I can't tell where is light,

Is it dark,

Is it day,

Is it night?

I wake in the AM,

Wake to fall,

Fall asleep in the PM,

But am I sleeping at all?

The hunger burns inside,

Longing for you,

But You are gone,

I am doomed.

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