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Cristmas cheer

December 9, 2021
By TubboFan SILVER, Des Moines, Iowa
TubboFan SILVER, Des Moines, Iowa
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Christmastime for all is near

Spreading love and spreading cheer

if the flowers shall wilt away, the mistletoe will guide the way

when Christmas may come to an end

our gifts and love will still be here

when we awake on Christmas day

the trees with many gifts below

will remind us of the snow

and if you've never seen the snow

its oh so cold and shimmers in the light of the moon

though its Christmas once again

we'll all remember the Christmas then

when all of us were a little younger

we had lots of wonder

many new stories we'll have to share

on that one amazing day

when your whole family is gathered amongst the tree

you'll know its christmas indeed

the kids will surely awake first

some earlier some later

the christmas cheer will still be there

anywhere you live

if you celebrate for gifts or the tradition

or if you don't celebrate it at all

thats fine too but just remember

you still have other holidays to celebrate

To all a merry Christmas

on this lovely event of the year

The author's comments:

i just felt like making this because christmas is coming up lol. Subscribe to tubbo and follow him on twitch he's a great content creator and if youre intrested you can follow wilbur soot and ranboo too.

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