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Try to.......

January 17, 2022
By Jyothis PLATINUM, Ernakulam, Other
Jyothis PLATINUM, Ernakulam, Other
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When hearts speak of gratitude,words lose their significance. When love takes up the mic of life,the only voice that rings in each heart would be love, love and love......

Try to be a glass mirror

Such that others see their true potential

Try to be the heavenly rain droplets

That wipe away days of gloom and pain

Try to be a pillar of support

To those trembling broken hearts

Try to be the amazing shades 

That colour others lives beautiful

Try to be the gentle tailor

Who stitches others worn out hearts

Try to be the sweet lullaby

That sings one's sorrows to sleep

Try to be the silent breeze

That cools one's thoughts and emotions

Try to own the footsteps that guide others

Through paths of righteousness and devotion

Try to be a friendly and affectionate hand

That lift people from loneliness and depression

Try to be a glimmer of hope

In the terror-striken eyes of the people

Try to say those lovely and soothing words

That every single heart wants to hear

Try to perfume the rough world

With the everlasting fragrance of love

Try to discover and see

The inherent goodness in others

Try to listen and understand

The struggles that make up the lives of poor

Try to be a bright little candle

That kills itself to give out light

Try to be the 'you'

That Almighty created yourself to be.............

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