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Pointe Shoes

January 21, 2022
By addisonmoss BRONZE, Pacific Palisades, California
addisonmoss BRONZE, Pacific Palisades, California
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Swaddled in the cradle of my candied, satin veneers

I subsist.

Whose Michelangelon thumbs sculpted me

and set me afloat on the gulf of my youth?

Until the dancer adopts me,

And spits on my architect.

She stifles me with my ribbons and furrows my spine

and then enwraps herself with the skeleton of my fabric.

Squirming in her embrace,

I erode my tenant’s toes and I set her aflame.

But in my penultimate life,

we suspend this crusade and beauty comes to bask

in an instant of stillness and repose.

This pursuit which I soldier

Is in service of a cup runneth over.

The author's comments:

Thank you so much for providing this forum for young authors like myself. My name is Addison, and I’m a sophomore. I chose my school because I am an aspiring professional ballerina and dance at my conservatory for a great period of time every day. Both before and after dance, I take my classes. Sometimes it feels quite overwhelming, but I’m so grateful to be able to do both school and ballet at such wonderful places. I love to write and create art and am so excited to share my work with you

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