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The Beauty of Difference

January 25, 2022
By Jyothis PLATINUM, Ernakulam, Other
Jyothis PLATINUM, Ernakulam, Other
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When hearts speak of gratitude,words lose their significance. When love takes up the mic of life,the only voice that rings in each heart would be love, love and love......

A bloomed lotus standing majestically

Is certainly a sight to behold

A rose spreading its sweet fragrance

Always remains a symbol of love

But can you ever compare

A beautiful lotus and a lovely rose?

I'd say you are a mean person

If you can't see the difference in them

So is two kids different

In their talents, thoughts and character.

Never you kill the beauty

And spark of uniqueness in each child

For he's Almighty's creation

And you're just an earthly keeper

Some flowers bloom very fast

The others may lag behind

But certainly there's that one day

When all the flowers blossom

And beautify the heaven's kingdom....

The author's comments:

Every human being is a unique piece of art of the Lord. Each person has got a predetermined purpose in life. Many a times, people fail to fulfil this heavenly purpose because they are in the rush of becoming someone else. It's better to bid goodbye to the world after becoming the real 'you' rather than masking ourselves. Sometimes when you be yourself, people may find you wierd and crazy ,but you must realise that you are the one who solely decides your destiny.......

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