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love tastes like...

April 5, 2022
By jazzy214 SILVER, Grand Prairie, Texas
jazzy214 SILVER, Grand Prairie, Texas
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Love tastes like happiness,

the memory of a motherly clutch

caressing your skin like silk to the touch,

love tastes like comfort,

like wool blankets on a snow day,

your favorite pajamas warming the cold away,


love tastes like heartbreak,

not knowing how much it's worth until you lose it

begging on your knees for it to come back

love tastes like lemons,

bitter jealousy running its fingers through her hair

as you watch someone else hold her hand.

Love tastes like ZING

the connection with someone who makes you feel alive

Love tastes like apples,

the bittersweet feeling as she kisses you goodbye

knowing it wasn't going to last.

Love tastes like freedom,

wind blowing through your hair as you fly 

through life's tortures unharmed.

love tastes like fear,

the pernicious panic that sets in 

when they learn your true self isn't as perfect as you play it to be.

Love tastes like everything,

good, bad,

happy, sad,

love tastes like letting go.

The author's comments:

well- that's what love tastes like. good and bad. hopefully you can find it :)

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