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In My Eyes

April 5, 2022
By jazzy214 SILVER, Grand Prairie, Texas
jazzy214 SILVER, Grand Prairie, Texas
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In my eyes, I see
the world as it could be
should be
would be
if not for those who close theirs,
blinded by their ignorance.
Or too afraid to see
the world as it could be?

We are barricaded and bombarded
told to hide from the light
of truth and liberation.
When will we
ever fight to be free?

Their judgment hangs over us
like clouds of the Apocalypse
threatening to obliterate us
if we don't abide by the ignorant, close-minded laws of society.

Our chains pull us deep
down into the dark waters of humiliation.
We dig our graves,
forcing ourselves to suppress who we would be
could be
should be.

In my eyes, I see
the rich getting richer,
the poor getting poorer.
The barriers and divisions,
the labels, titles
that isolate us daily
from being one.

Children scolded
for coloring outside the lines of an uncompromising culture
The sounds of warfare are a daily part
 of life for some. 


Why haven't you helped us?
Where is the end of this?
The torture, suffering,
would have ceased,
If we opened our eyes and saw
the world as it could be,
would be
Should be.

The author's comments:

we take way too many things for granted here in this first-world country. our next meal, the clothes on our backs, even waking up in the morning. appreciation goes a long way and we still have yet to realize that.

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