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Our World

September 13, 2009
By jawproperty93 PLATINUM, Jupiter, Florida
jawproperty93 PLATINUM, Jupiter, Florida
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"Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight"

Lovely is this world today,
Sleeping like a winter's day,
Watching the tiny stars dance,
Your pale gray moon only shines at a seconds glance,
Look into the ocean shores,
Vivid are God's open doors,
How can one not sleep when all dreams whisper,
And when all skies glimmer in a lake like one's mirror,
But all isn't that beautiful for look what we've become,
Lifeless like one so glum,
God is already in a weep,
How could we have fallen this deep,
Save this world from all that's gray,
So the rain can stop and children can play,
Let the sun come out for us to see,
What a beautiful day that would be.

The author's comments:
I was just thinking about the different views people had on the world and society and combined them into one poem and made them flow into each other. Also I made it go from light to dark to hopeful because thats how my view of the world and society is.

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