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September 20, 2009
By eternal*sunshine SILVER, Seabrook, Texas
eternal*sunshine SILVER, Seabrook, Texas
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I look from behind a pane of glass. I see the world but cannot change it. I feel its pain and my heart is breaking. For all those people who no longer see. I wonder shall I be like them? The glass fogs with each aching breath, and I see the world through tear-stained eyes. I think of those no longer living, and wonder what will they be remembered by? It seems life is a flame; quick to light and brightly burning. Easily snuffed and then it fades, with smoke that whispers into shadow. The sky is dark, and no light shines. What is this place that has no sunrise? No hope to chase the fears away. I look through glass that will never shatter; I stare at the world with tear-stained eyes. I looked at this world where hope has shattered. I feel its pain and shatter inside.

The author's comments:
Turn on the news and what do you see? More heartache, more death, and more darkness. Is this our world's legacy? We push the knife further into our world and wonder why it bleeds.

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